The evolution of Bryant-Denny Stadium continued as Phase I of The Crimson Standard brought extensive renovations to the nearly century-old structure.

To improve the student-athlete experience and sustain the Crimson Tide's recruiting advantage, the Walk of Champions was revamped to include a tunnel entry into the newly renovated game day locker room and the recruiting lounge was expanded and updated.

To improve the game day experience, the upper-level west concourse was extended and several new premium areas were created. The U1 and U2 levels were transformed into the Founders Suites, Loge Boxes, Terrace Club, North Champions Club, and South Champions Club. The press box was relocated from the west side to the east side and 14 new East Premium Skyboxes were constructed.

These changes will ensure that Bryant-Denny Stadium continues to thrill fans, impress recruits, and sustain the home field advantage Alabama Football needs to have success for decades to come.