A brand new nine-hole golf course, driving range, short game practice area and a golf house would become the home of The University of Alabama's championship-winning men's and women's golf programs.

Inside the 18,000-square foot golf house, a Hall of Fame lobby and golf heritage display would pay homage to the origins of the sport and showcase the proud history and tradition of Alabama Golf, which includes three team national championships, one NCAA individual national champion, 148 All-America honors, and 47 golfers who have ascended to the professional ranks.

On either side of the lobby, mirrored wings would provide dedicated space for our golf teams, with the women's program occupying the west wing and the men's program inhabiting the east wing.

Each wing would feature coaches' offices, bag storage and club fitting rooms, a team lounge and locker room, stretch room, putting studio, and three indoor hitting bays.

North of the clubhouse, the practice range would feature multiple regulation greens for gauging spin reaction and allow for shot shaping and ball flight work. The body of the range would have fairways and strategically located trees to allow for visualization and shot shaping simulating on-course driving.

West of the clubhouse, a versatile and extensive short game practice area would have multiple greens providing opportunities to simulate all short-game related shots as well as several putting greens designed for technical work, green reading and distance control.

East of the clubhouse, the nine-hole golf course would offer multiple playing options for on-course practice and qualifying, allowing student-athletes to develop their strategic thought processes and shot-shaping skills to the fullest extent. The course would simulate the conditions and challenges student-athletes face at any facility in which they will compete at in the collegiate level and beyond.

This first-of-its-kind facility is unrivaled in collegiate golf. Every square inch is designed to ensure that The University of Alabama's golf programs continue to attract the nation's most talented recruits and equip them with the facilities, technology, access and coaching necessary to maximize their potential.

Renderings are conceptual and subject to change. All projects are subject to approval of the University of Alabama System Board of Trustees and dependent upon fundraising success.